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Oakland Graphics.

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Welcome to HeyOakland, a community made by rainofterror. Founded March 21, 2006.


1) I've made this community solely for myself, to post all the layouts, icons, and other graphics I have made in the past and also recently. You may join to track my work, and you may also take some. I have decided to change it to members only.

2) If I see you around LiveJournal using one of my icons without credit, or see anything modified without credit, in fact, in the words of Stewie Griffin, I'm going to KILL you. I, like any other creator, take time on my work and don't appreciate it being stolen.

2) Comment if you are taking any items. Credit heyoakland inside "comment" when you go to upload a user icon. If you are using a banner or a layout, credit me in your userinfo. Promote if you can, and don't hotlink. In my words, CCH.

3) I don't like to go on about rules, just play nice, and have fun! Oh and look in the memories for past posted items. =]


14; Chicago, IL.

Yahoo! - Warped31179
MSN/E-Mail - ILbballgrl1230@mail.com
Website - MySpace


Brushes, Lightings, Textures -
teh_indy // 100x100_brushes // icon_extras

Learning New Things > Tutorials -
weapon_icons // music_b0x // icon_tutorial

Photo Galleries -
Green Day Authority // Punk Disasters // I Heart Jake // Kayla and Audrey Fansites // Ashlee Simpson // Google Images // Brand New Fashion

I use PSP9, Photoshop Elements 4.0, and a program called The Gimp.


music_b0x // sharpiepunk_404 // cityburning // adifferent_route

If you would like to become an affiliate, please send me a message. All my contacts are listed above.


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